Snag Stand – Sydney’s Best Hot Dogs


Snag Stand – Sydney’s Best Hot Dogs

Snag Stand is hands down the best place to get a hotdog in Sydney!

Word has spread quickly about Snag Stand and for good reason – with the store in Westfield at Pitt Street Mall proving to a new local hotspot for a quick bite to eat! One taste of their devilishly delicious hotdogs and you might join hundreds of other Sydneysiders who are hooked!

Snag Stand lives up to the hype, and there are many things to love about it!

Firstly, their hotdogs are superb – especially their best-selling Wagyu Beef hotdog which almost begs to be devoured. Other bestsellers are the Horseradish Beef, Toulouse and Spicy Spanish Chorizo varieties. In fact, almost every item on their menu is completely mouth watering, from the chicken hotdogs to the lamb, pork and vegetable varieties.

They sell hotdogs, yes. But these are not your typical sausages – these are ‘haute dogs’. Snag Stand adds a unique gourmet twist to their products, serving customers a delightful gastronomic experience in every bun. The grilled hotdogs are juicy and bursting with flavour with all the condiments and spices combing to melt on the palette. On top of that, they have a selection of awesome dipping sauces along with perfectly crisp chips on the side.

A hotdog for $11 might seem a tad pricey, but given the other food prices in Pitt St Mall and the surrounding Sydney streets – it isn’t really that bad! Once you taste the hotdogs, you surely will agree that the Snag Stand experience is totally worth the price.

If you are on a special diet and hotdogs are a no-go, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. You won’t feel guilty about stuffing your face with hotdogs from Snag Stand because a. they are 100% gluten free and b. they are made with natural ingredients.

Who would have thought hotdogs can be healthy? Well, Snag Stand definitely has found the magic formula – we should tell some of our baseball loving friends in the US! Their hotdogs are handmade from lean, low-fat meat and stuffed in natural casings. On top of that, their sausages have no artificial colour or flavourings in them. It’s pure meaty goodness.

So if you want something healthy yet filling, then head over to the Upper Food Court on Level 5 of Westfield the next time you visit Pitt Street Mall in Sydney.

There is usually a long line, especially around lunchtime during workdays, but don’t be intimidated by the crowd! Snag Stand keeps those dogs flowing, so your grumbling stomach won’t have to wait too long.

Whether you are a foodie or not, gourmet hotdogs at Snag Stand are definitely a must try for you.

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