The Epic Lego Christmas Tree at Pitt Street Mall Just Made the Holidays a Whole Lot Better


A breathtaking Christmas tree built entirely of LEGO bricks has come to life at Sydney’s Pitt Street Mall.

The tree did not magically appear overnight though! The awe-inspiring LEGO installation took 1,200 hours, five people, and half of a million bricks to complete. At 10 metres high, it stands as the tallest LEGO tree in the Southern Hemisphere and has been featured on blogs, news and social media all around the world.

Huge candy canes and baubles the size of basketballs adorn the Lego Christmas tree, while a nutcracker, a life-sized Santa with a surfboard, and a sleigh filled with gifts surround it. The impressive tree stops people in their tracks and puts them in a festive mood, especially at night when it lights up and blinks cheerfully to the rhythm of Christmas carols. It also brings a special Christmas cheer to Pitt St and the Pitt St Mall area – with the tree providing a beautiful festive contrast to the countless office megastructures and skyscrapers which surround the mall.

The tree was built especially for Australian LEGO fans with visitors from all over Sydney coming to catch a glimpse. In fact, the tree also features a koala providing that unique Aussie touch.

Lego senior manager Dale Chassy called upon Australia’s LEGO certified professional, Ryan McNaught, to work on the project. Also famously known as ‘The Brickman’, McNaught has also recently built a 70,000-brick model of the Melbourne Cricket Stadium and a model of the Sydney Opera House. However, the Christmas tree at Pitt St Mall is his biggest project so far.

McNaught also added special touches to the LEGO tree that visitors can see on closer inspection. He is hoping that his model will serve to inspire fans to make their own LEGO memories – especially those of us who are young enough to belief in Santa Claus.

November 27 marked the official unveiling of the LEGO Christmas tree at Pitt Street Mall, which was preceded by a special musical performance by the Sydney Philharmonic Choir. The tree has nightly light shows, and it will remain there for public enjoyment until December 27.

In addition, there are also a number of attractions that visitors can see, including a series of free concerts, fireworks, elaborate decorations, and a special appearance by Santa himself, which are all part of wider holiday celebrations in Sydney.

Watch how the majestic LEGO Christmas tree came to life in this 53-second video:


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