Fashion Tips Every Girl Should Know


Sometimes, you know things but don’t realize them until someone else mentions them to you. That’s how it works with fashion. We constantly look for tips from fashionistas, experts, and designers to validate whatever we have been following. Moreover, when we read stuff, we tend to realize that we have been missing out on tiny details and how different people have different perspectives on what they wish to offer.


The internet has a plethora of information and most often than not, you will come across a wide range of fashion tips to help you. However, it is important that you don’t just blindly follow what you read because sometimes what you might be reading could be the weirdest fashion trends and statements of all times. If you want to read tips that are interesting and cover almost everything you need, we’ve got you covered with our list. Take a look at 5 essential fashion tips that come in handy for every girl – irrespective of how old you are and what you do:


1. Know your Body Type

This is like a beginner’s tip. It is the most basic thing to help you determine what kind of clothes you can carry and how you should dress up. Everything revolves around this and, therefore, is one of the most vital tips for you to focus on.

2. Wear the Right Bra

What most women don’t realize is that they’ve probably been wearing the wrong bra size for years. Wearing the right intimates is extremely vital for both fashion and health. You must know your size correctly and also know when to wear what. You just need to know it all when it comes to lingerie.


3. Scarves

Scarves are perfect for every season. Woolen, satin, silk, linen, blanket etc. – each one comes in handy. Some are suitable for the winters while some are good for the summer with the remaining being perfect for fall fashion.

4. Wash your Clothes Appropriately

The washing technique for every cloth is different. Don’t wash the whites with colours. Avoid putting your bras in the washer. Use low heat setting for the delicates and pay attention to the detergent you use for sweaters.

5. Have the Essentials in your Wardrobe

A fashionista’s wardrobe is incomplete without leather, trench, denim jackets. These are classics and every girl must have them in their closet. They can be used throughout the year in one way or the other.


Another must-have in your wardrobe is red pumps. Pumps are great and if they are red in colour, it’s legendary. They give a different high and you can confidently walk in them without any inhibitions. Every girl must experience this high.



While the above-mentioned tips are important, confidence is what makes or breaks everything. Nothing works as confidence does and there’s no workaround for this one. Just be you and you’re ought to look beautiful.


Fashion does not have any strict rules. There are only some guidelines, tips, and expert advice that you can follow as per your will and choice.

November 13, 2018 |
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