Fashion Tips Every Girl Should Know


Sometimes, you know things but don’t realize them until someone else mentions them to you. That’s how it works with fashion. We constantly look for tips from fashionistas, experts, and designers to validate whatever we have been following. Moreover, when we read stuff, we tend to realize that we have been missing out on tiny details and how different people have different perspectives on what they wish to offer.


The internet has a plethora of information and most often than not, you will come across a wide range of fashion tips to help you. However, it is important that you don’t just blindly follow what you read because sometimes what you might be reading could be the weirdest fashion trends and statements of all times. If you want to read tips that are interesting and cover almost everything you need, we’ve got you covered with our list. Take a look at 5 essential fashion tips that come in handy for every girl – irrespective of how old you are and what you do:


1. Know your Body Type

This is like a beginner’s tip. It is the most basic thing to help you determine what kind of clothes you can carry and how you should dress up. Everything revolves around this and, therefore, is one of the most vital tips for you to focus on.

2. Wear the Right Bra

What most women don’t realize is that they’ve probably been wearing the wrong bra size for years. Wearing the right intimates is extremely vital for both fashion and health. You must know your size correctly and also know when to wear what. You just need to know it all when it comes to lingerie.


3. Scarves

Scarves are perfect for every season. Woolen, satin, silk, linen, blanket etc. – each one comes in handy. Some are suitable for the winters while some are good for the summer with the remaining being perfect for fall fashion.

4. Wash your Clothes Appropriately

The washing technique for every cloth is different. Don’t wash the whites with colours. Avoid putting your bras in the washer. Use low heat setting for the delicates and pay attention to the detergent you use for sweaters.

5. Have the Essentials in your Wardrobe

A fashionista’s wardrobe is incomplete without leather, trench, denim jackets. These are classics and every girl must have them in their closet. They can be used throughout the year in one way or the other.


Another must-have in your wardrobe is red pumps. Pumps are great and if they are red in colour, it’s legendary. They give a different high and you can confidently walk in them without any inhibitions. Every girl must experience this high.



While the above-mentioned tips are important, confidence is what makes or breaks everything. Nothing works as confidence does and there’s no workaround for this one. Just be you and you’re ought to look beautiful.


Fashion does not have any strict rules. There are only some guidelines, tips, and expert advice that you can follow as per your will and choice.

November 13, 2018 |

Zara Plans to Keep Australian Prices as Dollar Value Falls


Zara Plans to Keep Australian Prices as Dollar Value Falls

Known for offering quality fashion at affordable prices, Zara vows to keep their prices low, despite the 17 percent decline in Australian currency value.

This is great news for fans of the fast-fashion chain, although it is bad news for domestic suppliers and retailers.

According to The Australian Financial Review, suppliers have already given notice to the public that prices for fashion clothing, basic apparel and underwear will rise significantly in the second half of 2015, as currency hedges roll off and new-season stock arrives in stores.

However, Zara’s decision to maintain retail prices will limit the ability of smaller brands to raise prices to recoup the cost of importing stock.

Local brands and retailers will have very little competitive edge to the mega retailer. Global chains such as Forever 21, H&M and Uniqlo are likely to follow Zara’s lead since they can afford to subsidise across markets.

Zara Australia is 20 percent owned by billionaire retail mogul Solomon Lew’s family and 80 percent owned by Spain’s fashion giant Inditex Group, which upholds a stable pricing policy.

Zara is one of the first international retailers to invade the country, opening its very first Australian store at Sydney’s Pitt Street Mall in 2011. The retailer has since been patronised by Australian shoppers desperate for its quick turnover of fashion range and styles often straight from the runway.

It has been quickly followed by other global retailers including Topshop, H&M and Pottery Barn, who are keen to capitalise on Australia’s fashion-loving market.

Zara’s stable prices mean you can get more for your dollar. Don’t waste this golden opportunity to bag new fashionable finds at Zara’s flagship store in Pitt Street.

April 25, 2015 |

Zara ’ s Spring Summer Collection 2015 Brings Back the 70s


Zara s Spring Summer Collection 2015 Brings Back the 70s

When it comes to setting trends, Zara never disappoints. The Spanish fashion retailer has just released its spring/summer 2015 collection – and we think it will make waves in the fashion scene.

Zara always had a thing for classic cuts and styles, and everyone loves whatever the brand puts on the table, but nothing could have prepared us for its nostalgic reinvention of styles from the 70s.

For the SS15 collection, the brand embraced a more tailored, feminine aesthetic with tons of stripes, ruffles and tassels. The pieces are familiar yet fresh. They are not something you can easily dig out from your mother’s closet.

If there is one word to describe the entire collection, it would only be eclectic, with pieces varying in style, colour and texture.

This includes long, billowy monochrome dresses among embroidered waistcoats, structured tees and summer shorts. To complement the feminine cuts, the line includes androgynous pieces teamed with statement vinyl skirts, loose faux leather dresses, animal-print tops, tie-waist trousers, jacquard straight dresses, long denim skirts, midi heels and strappy sandals.

Even the shoes and accessories are highly varied, from tasseled bucket bags and metallic sheen clutches to shiny Oxfords and suede cowboy boots. There are fabulous pieces you can wear to work as well, with the collection including straight-cut trousers and suits.

Zara’s collection also includes kids, with the perfect balance of vibrant and subdued. The colours and textiles are soft with edgy patterns of pinstripes, polka dots and chevrons prevalent in the designs.

The men’s range brings back the vision of gentlemen clad in grey suits but modernised with casual tees and shirts. Colourful trench coats, knitted sweaters, slim-fit blazers and cropped pants seem to be the key pieces in the collection.

As always, Zara’s new collection is totally pocket friendly and no doubt you will find great bargain buys from this range.

The Zara spring/summer 2015 items are available online and in-store. Check out the pieces at Zara’s Westfield flagship store at the Pitt Street Mall. “You gotta have summer!”

April 25, 2015 |

First Zara Home to Open Its Doors in Australia


First Zara Home to Open Its Doors in Australia

The highly popular Spanish global retail chain Zara is set to launch its premier homewares store in Australia.

Zara Home will open its doors on February 12 and will occupy a sprawling 310 square metres at the Highpoint Shopping Centre in suburban Melbourne. A flagship store in Sydney is said to follow later in the year.

The Highpoint store will showcase the brand’s signature design scheme: neutral colours, chestnut frames, and marble floors. Its offerings will include the entire Zara Home line of beddings, bath linen, tableware, decorative items, textile accessories, occasional furniture, loungewear, and fragrances. It will also feature a Zara Home Kids section that will display the complete range of bed and bath fittings, toys, children’s sleepwear, and cots and crib accessories.

Zara Home has just launched its Summer/Spring Campaign for 2015, and we might find some of its beautiful collections at their new brick and mortar store. Most pieces are notably navy-inspired, but include country-style and rustic pieces as well.

Zara landed in Australia in 2011, housing its stylish clothing range in a three story store in Westfield at Pitt Street, Sydney CBD. They opened another three story retail shop at Bourke Street Mall in Melbourne, and now have a total of eleven chains across the country.

The mass retailer popular for fantastic quality and its trademark classic-chic style has earned hundreds, if not thousands, of fans since it started operations at Pitt St Mall. Zara’s enviable high street fashion is well loved by Australians, unsurprisingly, since few stores offer trendy, easy-on-the-purse clothing like Zara.

Like its highly successful retail fashion stores, we think the upcoming Zara Home shop will be a crowd magnet, given Australians’ love for home improvement and interior design.

Zara Home now has a total of 408 stores in 44 countries worldwide, not including the new stores set to open in Australia this month.

April 25, 2015 |

French Fashion Icon Ines Designs Third Collection for Uniqlo


French Fashion Icon Ines Designs Third Collection for Uniqlo

Former Chanel supermodel and fashion icon Ines de la Fressange has collaborated with Japanese mega brand Uniqlo for a third time.

Their newest tie-up delivers high street Parisian-inspired clothing on a purse-friendly budget. The collection features 95 items, which will be available to buy at select stores and online.

This new spring/summer Uniqlo collection embodies the signature elegance and effortlessness of French fashion. Ines’ newest creations range from vintage floral tea dresses to navy printed frocks and basic knits. This third Uniqlo edition also includes menswear-inspired pieces such as indigo shirts, casual chic sports jackets, straight-cut cropped pants and shiny Oxford shoes.

The entire collection is stained in a distinctive palette of caramel, indigo, limestone and grey.

Despite the undeniable classic French style, Ines thinks their design aesthetics for this new Uniqlo line is hard to verbalise, although the inspiration is rather simple: to provide women with a few basic pieces they can wear for different occasions.

“We want to bring a solution to the people,” the fashion icon mused. “With not a lot of money, they can buy a few pieces – which is nice. Happiness and frivolity are possible. They can mix them up, they can wear them for different occasions and feel better with them. And that’s the purpose.

“We think what is modern is when something is of good quality, has some style and is not expensive. And we show that it is possible,” Ines added.

Miss de la Fressange is ecstatic about her new Uniqlo line, saying: “This is a really exciting collection. It’s easy to wear and offers everyday fun in fashion. These are the kinds of clothes I’ve longed for myself and I couldn’t wait to wear them!”

Sneak a peek at the new items at Uniqlo’s MidCity Centre store at the Pitt St Mall! We bet you’ll find a lot of treasures from the collection to keep your wardrobe en vogue.

April 25, 2015 |

Novak Djokovic Models New Uniqlo Denim Collection


Novak Djokovic Models New Uniqlo Denim Collection

Current worldwide tennis champion Novak Djokovic is one of Uniqlo’s star ambassadors for its latest denim collection.

The fast fashion Japanese brand’s Spring/Summer 2015 campaign includes the famous athlete trading his sports gear for the new Selvedge Slim Stretch Jean and a blazer. Novak Djokovic also models Uniqlo’s main menswear collection.

In the women’s department, famous Russian classical dancer Polina Semionova was enlisted to be the face of the new Uniqlo Slim Jean and women’s collection. The new line of jeans is designed to be even more comfortable and flattering than previous versions.

Uniqlo is popular for its fast fashion and its ability to offer new range and styles – or micro trends – on a weekly or monthly basis.

Innovative fabrics make up the most of Uniqlo’s DNA. The brand believes quality fabric will never go out of fashion. The store’s trademark is its comfortable and easy-care products that can be easily styled up or down.

Uniqlo is particularly famous for its Ultra Light Down (ULD) jackets and HeatTech Long Johns, which are available to buy online and in stores, including their flagship store at Pitt Street Mall.

Unlike other fast fashion brands like H&M and Zara that focus on style and outfits, Uniqlo centres its offering on basics that perform well in all kinds of weather and climate. Its new denim range stays true to this.

Besides the denim line modelled by Novak Djokovic, Uniqlo’s SS15 collection features other innovative items created in collaboration with modern artists and fashion icons. This includes the new Dry Stretch Pants for men, which Uniqlo developed with professional golfer Adam Scott; the Uniqlo T-shirt (UT) bearing the famous artworks by Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock and Keith Harring; and the Parisian-inspired women’s line co-designed by former Chanel model Ines de la Fressange.

Uniqlo’s new line will soon hit its Sydney flagship store at the Pitt Street Mall. The Japanese brand is housed in a sprawling 1485-square-metre store in MidCity Centre.

April 25, 2015 |

Uniqlo to Expand Into the Canadian Retail Market


Uniqlo to Expand Into the Canadian Retail Market

Uniqlo, the Japanese clothing giant, is trying its luck in one of the trickiest markets out there.

The store is set to open two stores in Toronto, Canada in late 2016, making the Great North White its 18th market worldwide. The two flagship stores will be located at Yorkdale Shopping Centre and Toronto Eaton Centre. Uniqlo also expressed plans to expand in Vancouver later.

The move is said to be part of the company’s long-term plan to diversify its market, although its biggest market remains its homeland. The fast-fashion retailer now has 1,500 stores in various countries, including China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Russia, the US and the UK.

Uniqlo has also recently entered the Australian market, having opened stores in Melbourne, Victoria and Sydney’s Pitt Street Mall.

With its stronghold in the retail industry, Uniqlo is not diving into a new international market unprepared. Aware of the pitfalls that have bedevilled many retailers, the company says it will be strategic with its expansion.

Many major chains have tried and failed to incorporate themselves into the Canadian market. After two unsuccessful years and $7 billion revenue loss, Target has abandoned the Canadian market completely, even though its downfall was mainly due to uninspired merchandise, poor store locations, and a lofty ambition to open 124 stores at once. J.Crew also struggled, although not as devastatingly as Target.

Larry Meyer, CEO of Uniqlo USA and Canada, thinks Uniqlo will not follow the disastrous path of Target.

“My past has shown Canadians to be open people and very willing to welcome new brands,” Meyer said. “I believe we have unique products with Uniqlo. We’re not just a mass merchandiser of branded goods. Our products are our brand.”

Uniqlo is well-loved for its exceptionally comfortable, stylish and affordable apparel engineered to perform well in different weather conditions and climates.

The brand’s successful retail chains in Australia, particularly its MidCity Centre outlet at Pitt Street, prove its potential for international expansion. Perhaps Canada will be a good move after all.

April 25, 2015 |

Topshop Appoints New Global Design Director from Asos


Topshop Appoints New Global Design Director from Asos


Topshop officially replaced its design director Emma Farrow with Asos womenswear design director Jacqui Markham. Markham will be taking on the challenging role as the new global design director for Topshop, and is expected to work alongside creative director Kate Phelan for the in-house design team. The two will be overseeing the design team of 60 to refocus the design and product development of the high fashion retail store.

Markham, however, is not a new face in Topshop. In fact, she is a returnee who worked for 14 years at Topshop and rose to design director before she completed her two year stint at Asos. She is the brand’s top connoisseur, having graduated in Fashion Design and has worked for brands such as Oasis and Karen Millen.

”I’m really excited about my new role as global design director at Topshop,” said Markham. “As we move into a new phase of international expansion and partnerships, our aim continues to be the world’s number one fashion authority. Strong and cutting-edge design has always been our focus and I hope to continue building on and further strengthening this position.”

As for Emma Farrow, she is now the brand director at Finery London, a UK-based fashion startup that recently launched its line of mid-range womenswear.

You can find chic and edgy fashion creations at Topshop to complete your fancy, high-street look, and expect to see more of the best finds with the appointment of the new global design director.

Topshop currently has over 319 stores in the United Kingdom and more than 137 franchises in 40 countries. The fast fashion titan has already opened five chain stores across Australia, including one in the Pitt St Mall. Topshop is located in the Gowings Building, on the corner of Market and George streets.

April 25, 2015 |

Topshop Collaborates with the Jenner Sisters to Launch New Product Line


Topshop Collaborates with the Jenner Sisters to Launch New Product Line

Famous for their eclectic sense of fashion, Kendall and Kylie Jenner are now set to flaunt their designing prowess, yet again, for British apparel brand Topshop. First appearing on the scene as the half-sisters of the original Kardashians, this duo would soon follow the steps of their older sisters in releasing high street fashion collections for top fashion retailers, and it seems everyone is excited over this huge announcement.

The announcement came when the Jenner sisters published the news of their upcoming collaboration with Topshop on their website, stating they will release a line that will be ‘characterized by the girls’ LA lifestyle and their contemporary, eclectic design aesthetic.’ This range will surely spice up your summer wardrobe, as these two world-famous fashion trendsetters plan to take on a very different style.

Topshop will name the new collection Kendall & Kylie. This collection follows the girls’ successful lines with Madden Girl and Pacsun that made them a fashion authority. Their latest venture isn’t a surprise. Kendall and Kylie have been making waves in the fashion industry for their individual style: Kendall shines with her high street chic ensembles, while Kylie settles for an edgy boho look.

After the announcement was made on their website, both Kendall and Kylie took on Twitter to spread the big news. Topshop also confirmed the collaboration through Twitter as it was being prodded with a lot of questions from the sisters’ fans.

Unfortunately, The Kendall & Kylie collection will be stocked exclusively at selected Topshop stores globally, and online at

Watch out for the upcoming release of the Kendall & Kylie collection soon in Sydney’s Topshop store at Pitt St Mall. Topshop is located at the Gowings Building, on the corner of Market and George streets.

April 25, 2015 |

Topshop Crowns Hailey Baldwin as the New Face for Spring/Summer Denim Collection


Topshop Crowns Hailey Baldwin as the New Face for Spring/Summer Denim Collection


Topshop always knows who is going to be the next ‘it’ girl in the fashion world, and this time is no different. Hailey Baldwin, who rose to prominence with her association to Justin Bieber, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, and other noteworthy celebrities, was tapped by Topshop to model the high fashion chain’s spring/summer denim collection.

The 18-year old Hollywood royalty’s latest shoot with Topshop is likely to put her in the supermodel crop. As the new face of Topshop’s denim collection, Hailey can be seen wearing a gorgeous line of vintage jeans and crop tops. The new SS15 denim range seems like a ‘90s and ‘70s throwback attempt to reintroduce the formerly beloved retro mom jeans, ragged baggies, high-waisted skinny jeans, and vest tops.

The daughter of Stephen Baldwin first announced the news with an Instagram photo of herself rocking the ‘90s denim look. Surprisingly, the retro collection on Hailey looks tasteful and edgy. The rising model knew how to look cool and casual in the vintage jeans, making them unbelievably relevant in modern times.

This is the second time Hailey modeled exclusively for Topshop. Last fall, Hailey was seen strutting down the catwalk for the Topshop Unique runway in London, alongside famous models Cara Delevingne, Lily Donaldson, and Jourdan Dunn. Now, forming a modelling trio with Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, Hailey is said to add the energy and vitality needed to pull off Topshop’s various styles.

Styling up the new denim collection of Topshop might seem a little bit tricky, but you can always take inspiration on Hailey Baldwin’s shots to achieve different looks, or channel her allure to effectively pull off the chic vintage impression.

The collection is coming soon in Sydney’s Pitt St Mall. Topshop is located at the Gowings Building, on the corner of Market and George streets.

April 25, 2015 |
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