French Fashion Icon Ines Designs Third Collection for Uniqlo


French Fashion Icon Ines Designs Third Collection for Uniqlo

Former Chanel supermodel and fashion icon Ines de la Fressange has collaborated with Japanese mega brand Uniqlo for a third time.

Their newest tie-up delivers high street Parisian-inspired clothing on a purse-friendly budget. The collection features 95 items, which will be available to buy at select stores and online.

This new spring/summer Uniqlo collection embodies the signature elegance and effortlessness of French fashion. Ines’ newest creations range from vintage floral tea dresses to navy printed frocks and basic knits. This third Uniqlo edition also includes menswear-inspired pieces such as indigo shirts, casual chic sports jackets, straight-cut cropped pants and shiny Oxford shoes.

The entire collection is stained in a distinctive palette of caramel, indigo, limestone and grey.

Despite the undeniable classic French style, Ines thinks their design aesthetics for this new Uniqlo line is hard to verbalise, although the inspiration is rather simple: to provide women with a few basic pieces they can wear for different occasions.

“We want to bring a solution to the people,” the fashion icon mused. “With not a lot of money, they can buy a few pieces – which is nice. Happiness and frivolity are possible. They can mix them up, they can wear them for different occasions and feel better with them. And that’s the purpose.

“We think what is modern is when something is of good quality, has some style and is not expensive. And we show that it is possible,” Ines added.

Miss de la Fressange is ecstatic about her new Uniqlo line, saying: “This is a really exciting collection. It’s easy to wear and offers everyday fun in fashion. These are the kinds of clothes I’ve longed for myself and I couldn’t wait to wear them!”

Sneak a peek at the new items at Uniqlo’s MidCity Centre store at the Pitt St Mall! We bet you’ll find a lot of treasures from the collection to keep your wardrobe en vogue.

April 25, 2015 |

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