Uniqlo Sydney – Bargains at Rock Bottom Prices


Uniqlo Sydney – Bargains at Rock Bottom Prices

Uniqlo in Pitt St Mall is a treasure trove for fashion staples.

Buying new clothes for your wardrobe is all about finding the perfect fit at the right price. After all, who would want to spend an awful lot of money on basic tees, sweatshirts and pants? Unfortunately, not too many stores in Sydney offered great quality at a great price – until Uniqlo came along.

While the Japanese clothing brand has been around for a few years, the first store in Sydney opened recently in November 2014. Their store at the MidCity centre in Pitt St Mall attracts hundreds of shoppers looking for great buys. Here are three things you can find at Uniqlo in Pitt St:

1. Fantastic quality and fit

The clothes at Uniqlo are generally simple and casual, but what they lack in style they more than make up for in quality and fit. The brand focuses more on fabric rather than fashion. Their clothes feel great to the touch and are flattering for all figures. And since they offer only the essential items like basic tees, knitwear and tunics, they make up for their lack of selection by offering each clothing style in almost every colour imaginable and also in different fabrics.

If you visit their store at the Pitt St Mall in Sydney CBD, you can see over 50 colours of the same shirt on the floor. Some people might still prefer the more classic hues but still the wide range available, Uniqlo ensures there is always something for everyone.

Uniqlo also gives shoppers a wee bit more for their money by offering quality features in their clothing that are hard to come by at a similar price- these include special characteristics like dry fit, odour proofing and super lightweight materials.

2. Range of sizing options

True to their promise, Uniqlo’s clothing is made for everyone. Since their clothes are manufactured in Japan, they come in one size smaller than most American apparel which makes them a great option for people who find smaller or tight fitting clothes a better option. Uniqlo proves to be a favourite for petite women in Sydney, who would often need to resort to shopping at the kids’ section of boutiques or department stores.

3. Pocket-friendly prices

The superb quality and sizing options already make Uniqlo clothes a great bargain, but the affordable prices just put the icing on the cake. You can buy certain items at a fraction of what their price would be at higher-end retailers. For instance, Uniqlo’s selvedge jeans are priced at $59.50, while a similar pair of jeans at the Sydney Gap store cost around $90.

If you are finding time finding things to wear everyday but don’t want to burn a hole in your wallet then do yourself a favour and drop by the Uniqlo store at Pitt St Mall to stock your wardrobe at a fraction of the price.

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